The new face of Maximo mobility.

  • Simple to deploy
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to configure and manage
  • Process driven
  • Connected and disconnected

Opqo provides a simple yet effective format for getting vital information to your personnel in the field.

Opqo is priced per user per month. This provides both predictability of costs and the flexibility to add or remove (yes, we said remove) users as your needs change.

All without renegotiating contracts. Just pay for what you use, it’s that simple.

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to see how easy it is to get up and running.

IBM Maximo

Sharptree is an IBM Certified Silver Business Partner and Reseller.

We can provide your organization with end-to-end IBM Maximo services including software, implementation services and application support and hosting.

We are experts in all things Maximo, including planning and deploying IBM’s Maximo cloud offering, Maximo Application Suite (MAS).

Do you have questions about IBM MAS? We have the answers to your questions.


Sharptree can provide consulting for your enterprise asset management technology needs.

Our consultants can assist your organization with system selections, EAM implementations, adding functionality, data management and application upgrades.

Our experience spans a multitude of industries including utilities, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing (including regulated food and drug), transportation, Federal, state and local governments and others.

Application Support

Our Maximo and Maximo mobility experts are eager to leverage their Maximo technology and business process experience to support your Maximo and Mobility needs.

We can provide call center support, day-to-day operational support, uptime monitoring, data management, product fixes and improvements and application upgrades.

Maximo Tools & Utilities

These are tools and utilities we developed as part of our product development. We make them available to the community, as open-source solutions, supporting our belief that sharing good things only helps everyone.

Maximo Zebra Label Printing

A Maximo extension that adds the ability to define Zebra labels and printers to support printing labels from the Item Master, Inventory and Receipts applications.

VS Code Automation Script Extension

Develop, describe and deploy Maximo automation scripts directly in Visual Studio Code.

Autoscript DBC Deployment

Provides DBC support for deploying automation scripts that contain the configScript metadata used by the VS Code automation script extension.

Let's Encrypt for Maximo

Scripts for Windows and Linux that automate requesting and deploying SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt to your Maximo instance.

Autoscript for Export to Microsoft Excel

A flexible library script with functions for exporting MboSets and JDBC ResultSet objects to Microsoft Excel® for download and/or to email the resulting Excel workbook to the user.

Create Inspection Forms from Job Plans

An automation script that creates a Maximo inspection form from a job plan. Includes an Action Launch Point, Signature Option and Toolbar menu item in the Job Plans application.

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